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Business Valuation is not an exact science but an art that blends quantitative analysis with qualitative assessment. As each enterprise is distinct, our professional staff must understand the client's business, its characteristics, financial structure, attendant risks, as well as the opportunities, people and intangibles involved. Wise, Blackman's opinion in every valuation engagement is the result of applying sound Business Valuation principles and practices as well as professional judgment acquired from years of hands-on experience.

Sale or Purchase of a Business/Strategic Planning

Before making critical investment decisions, management and their advisors frequently turn to Wise, Blackman for independent and objective advice on matters such as purchasing or selling a business, going public, structuring an employee stock option plan or initiating a management leveraged buy-out. We are consulted by public companies on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures as well as on going-private. We are also retained by private companies to structure or interpret shareholder buy-sell agreements.

Corporate Reorganizations/Acquisitions

Wise, Blackman provides objective guidance to companies in establishing criteria for corporate acquisitions and assists in analyzing the target company. We are typically consulted on corporate reorganizations, structuring preferred-share features and developing financing techniques.

Income Tax and Capital Gains

Wise, Blackman assists clients in income tax valuations relating to capital gains, shareholder benefits, non-arm's length transactions, rollovers, transfer pricing, deemed dispositions, buy-sell agreements and allocation of proceeds of sale among different assets. We also assist in negotiations with the tax authorities and have been instrumental in helping settle major disputes. The Department of Justice and Revenue Canada also retain our professional services, which include the preparation of a comprehensive valuation report as well as providing expert testimony before the tax courts.

Going Private, Issuer Bids and Insider Bids

Wise, Blackman has extensive experience in providing fairness opinions in going-private transactions, exchanges of shares of public and private companies, and recapitalizations of share capital. We also have rendered valuation opinions on businesses being acquired or sold by publicly-traded companies for purposes of compliance with Canadian or U.S. securities laws and Securities Commission Policy Statements. Moreover, we assist in the preparation of feasibility studies and technical reports. We represent either the minority shareholders or the corporation itself, and provide expert valuation evidence before Securities Commission Boards. We have also been retained as valuation experts by Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada (Corporations Branch) in matters involving related-party transactions and minority-shareholder complaints.

Fair Value Measurement of Intangible Assets

Wise, Blackman is continuously involved in the valuation of intellectual property including copyrights, patents, trade marks, trade names as well as innovative and emerging technology. We also assist in determining royalty rates for the commercial exploitation of such property in both arm's length and related-party transactions. We are frequently retained by management, CFOs, auditing firms and securities regulators to provide independent opinions on fair value measurement for financial reporting pursuant to generally-accepted accounting principles.

Business Valuation Services

Control and minority interests Corporate reorganizations
Shareholder/partner buy-sell agreements Income tax and estate planning
Income-tax related valuations Going public or private
Intangible asset and intellectual property analysis Mergers and acquisitions
Fairness opinions Valuation of professional practices
Insolvency opinions Price allocation issues


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